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Wildlife Control

SES Pest Solutions for Wildlife Problems

Invading nuisance wildlife can damage property and contaminate both residential and commercial structures. Wildlife pests also damage and threaten livestock, crops, and pets, incurring substantial financial implications and health risks if left unmanaged. SES Pest is a certified wildlife control company offering professional and humane trapping services for species large and small. Our techs approach each situation with attention to detail and respect for nature.

With over two decades of experience, our process at SES begins with a detailed inspection to identify the target species, damages incurred, locate entry points, and find the areas of pest harborage. Following inspection, our tech(s) consult and educate the interested party (homeowner or property manager) to develop an IPM plan of action. Each situation is unique, demanding a variety of solutions and tools. Some of our methods, which you may be familiar with, are one-way exclusion valves, live traps, lethal humane traps, rat walls, barriers (physical exclusion), and visual deterrents. For rodent extermination, a wide variety of commercial traps, tamper-resistant bait stations, and rodenticides are strategically employed in combination.

Following wildlife removal and securing the property, we offer restoration and cleanup services. These professional services include removal and replacement of damaged materials and sanitation, such as exterior roofing and siding, interior insulation, flooring, and drywall. Additionally, SES can assist in determining whether an insurance claim should be filed. Focusing on humane and proven effective solutions, SES is equipped to tackle any wildlife pest problem, ensuring the safety and integrity of your property.

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Common Wildlife Pests

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Pest Consultation and Inspection Satisfaction Guarantee

SES is dedicated to expertly managing and controlling nuisance wildlife pests through an in-depth understanding of various industry methods. We employ only the most effective and safe techniques tailored to your needs. While emphasizing integrated pest management and customer education, our techs will guide you in resolving your wildlife issue. For individuals unsure of an infestation, SES Pest offers free consultations, and if services are deemed unnecessary upon inspection, we often provide a significant discount for the service call.

Strategic Ecological Solutions is your local Alaskan, family-owned, comprehensive pest control and wildlife removal company. Our professional, prompt, and reliable techs have the integrity you can count on for a job done right – starting with a thorough inspection from the foundation to the attic. Afterward, we review our findings and discuss solutions with the homeowner to remove the intrusive wildlife and prevent reentry. Any cleanup, repair, or restoration work required due to wild animal damage is also discussed and further explored to find the best solutions to ward off further breaches from nuisance pests.

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