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Wildlife Restoration Services

SES Pest Restoration and Carcass Removal

SES can clean up and restore your property if your home or business suffers damage caused by wildlife. Nesting critters can wreak havoc on insulation and other building materials, especially in the dead air spaces of your home. Attics, crawl spaces, soffits, and wall voids, to name a few; our crew will remove and replace soiled materials and ensure all entry points are sealed to prevent reinvasion through exclusion.

We also provide carcass removal, whether a rodent is in your wall or a winter kill moose in your yard. Because of their immense weight and size, moose carcasses present a real challenge for those trying to remove and dispose of them. Moose are also known for bloating and spoiling quickly because of the large biomass and bacteria in their stomachs. In Alaska, this is especially common in late winter and early spring. So, if you ever find a carcass in an unwanted space, remember that we remove them all, both big and small.

No matter your wildlife pest problem: removal, deterrence set up, cleaning, and repairing damage caused by insects or animals, you can trust SES Pest to provide quality care and service. If you suspect a critter intrusion, contact us today for an inspection.

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Image of chimney restoration repair, damaged by wildlife pests.

Common Wildlife Restoration Services

Image of chimney restoration repair, damaged by wildlife pests Restore My House!

Strategic Ecological Solutions is your local Alaskan, family-owned, comprehensive pest control and wildlife removal company. Our professional, prompt, and reliable techs have the integrity you can count on for a job done right – starting with a thorough inspection from the foundation to the attic. Afterward, we review our findings and discuss solutions with the homeowner to remove the intrusive pests and prevent reentry. Any cleanup, repair, or restoration work required due to wildlife damage is also discussed and explored to find the best solutions to avoid the return of harboring animals.

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